let me be your online content creator

Since social media has become a major part of our lives, being widely present in social media is substantial for most bands and artists. Besides communicating and representing, social media gives us also the possibility to get insights into things we normally wouldn’t. My services will provide you the best way to have your life on the road visualized and let your fans be part of the experience.

  • Shooting the whole day, editing in between and at night – I’ll promptly provide you pictures uploaded to Dropbox in optimized web – as well high-resolution quality in organized folders, accessible 24/7 which will keep your social media appearances up to date
  • Photographing your show to capture the best pictures of your unique moments on stage. Always around on stage, photo pit, crowd and anywhere else in the venue to get the most interesting perspectives and best variety of shots
  • Capturing video to bring your online content even more to life. Show recap clips, tour diaries, music videos – whatever you desire, your video content will stand out
  • Documenting your backstage – and off-stage life to give your followers insight behind the scenes
  • Pictures of your fans meeting you at exclusive pre-show meet & greet events, uploaded to a private gallery which can be sent out to your fans directly. A professionally edited photo of your fans having the best moments of their lives will always be a nice additional gift to them
  • You want a certain shot (like one with the crowd in the foreground and the band fighting a dragon in the background)? No problem – you demand, I deliver
  • On location photo shootings
  • Since I’ll never forget where I come from, I’m also available to help with the roadie work. Load in  & out, backline setup, miking, tuning guitars … I’ve done it all
  • Available worldwide

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